The Amazing Adventure of A Girl, Six Comics and the Best Plan Ever


I had it all laid out. It was the perfect plan. 

I've recently been catching up on the DC Rebirth titles, and I can't get enough of Titans, especially now that my favorite little pumpkin spice, Wallace Rudolph West, is back in action. 

So, here it was. The Best Plan Ever:

  • Step One: Head down to my local comic shop.
  • Step Two: Find Titans issues 7-11...and Nightwing 21, because, as clearly demonstrated by Science, a person can never get too much, or even enough really, of Nightwing. 
  • Step Three: Ask the person behind the register if they were hiring part-time workers to do absolutely anything for the summer. 

Here's the deal. I'm a writer, sure. A photographer, too. But I have a not-so-secret dream of someday owning a comic book store/coffee shop where all the drinks are themed and people just hang out and talk comics for hours on end. But there's just one little problem. I've never actually worked at a comic book store. I've never even had my own comics pull list. 

The perfect storm of limited time, limited funds and passionately loving approximately 2.7 bazillion different things at once tends to do that to a person. Despite all that, I've followed every twist and turn of the DC Comics Universe through online summaries and the occasional comic here and there when time and money allowed. 

But this was my chance. My moment of greatness. This was where it was all going to change. 

"Hello, my name is Erica," I would say, very confidently, of course, "and I was wondering if you were looking to hire any part-time workers for the summer." 

Only, when I got to the register, six comics in hand, and opened my mouth to let this simple sentence tumble out, I froze. 

Let me share a secret with you. The truth is, you avid comics fans, you comic-shop-cubbies-full-of-the-newest-titles owners, you store regulars and table top all are super intimidating! I can see it in your eyes that you know exactly what happened in Batman issue 455. I see it! I may have read "Batman: Hush" like 5 times through and be capable of giving a full verbal history lesson of all the Robins ever to have been, but I know I still have so much to learn before I'm on your level.  

So, like I said, when - what was his name again...Joe...Tom...I forget because I panicked, but I wish I had remembered - well, when the guy behind the register kindly asked if I wanted to bag and board my new comics, I smiled and said "Sure!" and I paid and I left.

My perfect plan had failed, because I'm a little chicken. But here's the great thing about learning from and loving comic book superheroes: they teach you how to be brave and to try again tomorrow. 

For today, I was too afraid to speak up, but tomorrow is a new day.