The Mystical and Magical World of Freelance Collaboration


Writing is one of those special skill sets that can always find you work. Everybody writes, but not everybody writes right. And not everybody enjoys it or has the time to do it either. Even after just one week as a freelancer, searching for places I can utilize my skill set, and continue to sharpen it, has been strangely invigorating. 

Like I told my fiancé (a pharmacist), I'm lucky that I am able to take what I love, what I am good at, and go freelance. Not everyone is so lucky. For instance, if he did that, he would get arrested. 

I am also lucky to have the support of amazing family and friends, who are always willing to give advice, assistance and, much to my grateful astonishment, work. 

Claire Swinarski, a copywriter and a friend from my days as a missionary, offered a lot of advice, encouragement and an editor's eye when I realized it was time to take the plunge. 

Molly Rockwell, a photographer and instructor at the Pure Barre studio I attend, jumped to my assistance without hesitation, despite the fact I'd only just met her recently, adding me to creative professional groups where I'll be able to make connections and find work.

Heather Johnson, another photographer and someone I've been friends with practically my entire life, offered advice and the idea to start asking photographers if they need help blogging. When I asked if she knew any photographers who might be interested, her response was "Me!" Check out the first blog post I wrote for her here.

Too often people miss out on opportunities because they are busy trying to beat the competition, when, in reality, asking for help in humility has only shown me how loved and supported I am by others in my field. 

So thank you to all those who have given me the help and confidence I needed to go freelance. It's not easy, but I can already assure you that it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.