Film Review: Wonder Woman (Non-spoiler)


Tonight, I went to see Wonder Woman alone. My friends were all busy, my parents don't like to go to movies on opening night and my fiancé said he would go with me when he comes into town on Saturday (spoiler alert: he will still be doing that). But there was just something about this movie...I knew I had to be there for the first screening on opening night. 

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, follows the story of Princess Diana of Themyscira as she grows from the ambitious only child on her island to a young warrior and, eventually, to a hero, during the war to end all wars. 

And was it ever an incredible ride. Gadot, who served two years as an enlisted soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, didn't just play Wonder Woman, she was Wonder Woman. And her chemistry with co-star Chris Pine was perfection.

It was also particularly inspiring during the first act of the film to see two gorgeous, powerful women leading an army of women. When have we seen that? Have we ever? Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta and Robin Wright as Antiope were both magnificent and strong. And did I mention, both over the age of 50? I, for one, would like to see more roles like this for women in Hollywood. 

But more than anything this movie was just a dang good time. The recent trend of darkening and playing up the flaws of superheroes on screen has just been such a downer. I'm not going to lie, I kind of prefer my superheroes to be, well, super. I want to be inspired by them, not feel like I'm better than them in all ways but the comparative size of our biceps. 

Wonder Woman delivered on the inspiration in droves. She was, in many ways, everything I hope to be personified. She was strong, bold, courageous and fierce, but she was also sincere, good, kind and loving. She felt things deeply. She laughed, and she cried. She was both so very human and more than human...and you better believe I'm hitting the gym first thing tomorrow. 

But most importantly, this film reminds us that the best and most heroic thing we can do is love one another. As she says, "For now I know that only love can save the world."

So pop the champagne, toss the confetti and launch the fireworks, because there is so much to celebrate tonight! This was the first in the current era of superhero films to be led by a woman, and directed by a woman, no less. It also marks the first critically acclaimed film in the DC cinematic universe, currently standing at a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. And if the laughter and cheers in my theater throughout the film, and the resounding applause at the end, are any indication, the celebration will continue on Monday morning when the weekend box office reports roll in.  

Just as the astonishing success of last year's R-rated Deadpool led studios to explore the possibility that there could be a future in R-rated superhero films, paving the way for such films as this year's well-received Logan, perhaps a triumph for strong women on screen will stimulate another wave of inspiration. We can only hope.