Opening This Week: 'Baby Driver' Took My Breath Away

No, really. I'm currently in the "deep breaths, relax the shoulders, sip some water" phase of my post-film recovery. Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort, was a thrill-ride start to finish. 

Now, don't be put off by the name. It's not about a babysitter who drives his charge around to help him sleep or anything, and it's not a sequel to March's runaway hit The Boss Baby.

Baby Driver centers around Baby, a getaway driver with tinnitus who is the best at what he does. Armed only with multiple iPods full of music to keep the ringing in his ears at bay, Baby steals the heart of a waitress, played by Lily James, and wants nothing more than to leave his life of crime behind. But, of course, it's never so simple. 

Everything in this film, from the acting to the direction to the stunning visuals, is on point, but two elements stole the show: the music and the cars. More specifically, the union of the two. 

The way music was used and woven so perfectly into every scene of this film, especially the opening credits, was so much fun, and the car chases were some of the best I've ever seen on screen. The merging of the two was much like a well-choreographed dance, albeit one that I would prefer to observe from my cozy theater seat. 

In an age where most action films are beginning to look yawningly similar, this film keeps you on your toes. I even caught myself with a hand over my mouth in shock at one point. 

This isn't generally the type of movie I rush out to watch in the theater on opening weekend--you know, with its general lack of lightsabers or a basis in classic literature--but I'm so glad I did. If you are a lover of heist films, car chases or just quality filmmaking, this might be the summer movie you've been waiting for.