It Is Vitally Important That You Love Your Job...And It's Not About You

I've heard people say that a job's a job and a paycheck's a paycheck. That you don't have to love the work you do, you just have to be able to do it. That we don't all get to work in a field that drives us, motivates us and makes us feel alive. 

Well I say that's the stupidest piece of nonsense I've ever heard. And it's not because every person deserves to be happy (which they do) or because we all have a purpose and a calling (which we do), but it's because if a person doesn't love what they do, even on the toughest days, your lack of heart can hurt someone else. 

Today my parents lost the most precious three month old kitten to a massive intestinal infection because a vet didn't do their job a week ago. Even we, who aren't vets, could see something was wrong, but they gave him a clean bill of health anyway. Despite saying he had a slight fever. Despite the fact you could feel all his bones. I don't know if she was having a bad day or was too tired or had something else on her mind, but her lack of presence or focus or whatever it was ended in heartbreak for our family. And this is the second time they have treated our concern with apathy. 

Whether or not you love your job isn't about you. 

We need people in every field imaginable who have a heart for what they do, and who will be present in every moment, doing their best in every moment. Without that, mistakes are made, signs are overlooked and irreversible damage is done. 

If you don't love what you do, please leave. Find a career path that makes you come alive. The rest of us can't afford for you to do any less. 

Goodbye, little Oscar.