10 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6

With only hours until the penultimate season of Game of Thrones begins, my season six rewatch is complete. And thank goodness I did one, too! There were so many big moments from last season that I had completely forgotten about, and many of them are going to have epic payoffs in the season to come. 

These are my 10 favorite moments from last season of Game of Thrones: 

10. The Hound returns - Episode 7

We hoped he wasn't dead, and, finally, our hopes and dreams came true. I haven't gotten enough of the dynamic between the Hound and Arya, and I hope they reunite this season. His redemption story isn't finished yet, and am I the only one waiting for the ultimate showdown between him and the zombie Mountain? Pretty sure I'm not. 

9. Daenerys sends Jorah to find the cure to his Greyscale - Episode 5

Team Captain Friendzone 4 life! Jorah's been a favorite from season one, and I loved that during Daenerys' farewell, she commanded him to cure himself and return to her. And RETURN to her. With Yara, Daario and Jon Snow about, I know his chances are slim to none...but I enjoy rooting for the underdog. Get well soon, Jorah. 

8. John Snow wakes up - Episode 2

This is only ranked so low because we all knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less of an epic moment when it finally happened. Jon Snow's return not only means we get to learn more about his back story and see what that means for his future, but it also means that Mellisandre isn't just able to make creepo shadow babies. It will be interesting to see what else she does now that her faith is restored. 

7. Arya heads back to Westeros - Episode 8

"A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home." Oh, thank God, girl. Go. Please. And let us never suffer through this goofball storyline again. 

6. Jon and Sansa reunite - Episode 4

Of any two who could have reunited, I think this held the biggest emotional punch because they had no love for each other before the family separated. To see how much it meant to both of them to be back together again, no matter how they felt about each other seasons ago, was beautiful. I can't wait to see how much shop these two Starks wreck on their way to reclaim the North. 

5. Daenerys emerges from the burning Dothraki building - Episode 4

Anytime Daenerys and fire are in the same place at the same time, I am on my feet with the slow clap.

4. Sansa ends Ramsey Bolton - Episode 9

If I had to see his face on screen for one more minute, I would have lost my mind. That freaky little gent needed to exit stage left, and I'm glad Sansa got to hold the curtain open for him as he stepped out. 

3. Daenerys names Tyrion hand of the Queen - Episode 10

To watch a ruler finally give Tyrion the respect he deserved, and to acknowledge his superior wisdom and intelligence, was so satisfying. I can't wait to see their dynamic during season 7 once they arrive in Westeros and Tyrion's advice becomes more important than ever. 

2. Lady Mormont puts everyone in their place - Episode 10  

Literally every moment Lady Mormont was on screen was such a treat. When a preteen girl is braver than all the lords of the north combined, it's like Christmas came early. Listening to her scold and then motivate the northern houses to unite behind Jon was outstanding, and I hope she plays a bigger role in the season to come. 

1. Daenerys finally sails to Westeros - Episode 10

Finally! FINALLY! The Khaleesi is on the move, and I am so ready to see those dragons cruising over King's Landing. We have spent so long waiting and watching as the Mother of Dragons took one step forward, 12 steps back and cartwheeled like a goofball into a patch of quicksand with every turn. But she's finally headed back to reclaim her throne.

There are so many amazing moments from season six that they wouldn't all fit in my Top 10, but what are some of your favorites that I missed? The countdown to season seven continues! Happy Throne-ing tonight!