Stay Shocked

I'm shaken by the images I've seen coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia, today. 

I am stunned that a group of people whose primary belief system is based around hatred can still exist in the modern world. 

I am saddened that there are other groups of people who live every moment of every day feeling less safe, less loved and less welcomed than I do. 

I am stupefied that ideals which wars were fought to defame and destroy have still found a foothold in our world. 

I am sickened that the lives lost to stamp out that hatred are dishonored by the continuation of what they fought against. 

I am scandalized that many of these people who marched in support of hatred will find their regular seats in church tomorrow, consciences light and untroubled, opening their mouth to praise a God of love.

I am shocked that I still have to write these words.

But that's the thing about a shock. It's a current of electricity, a jolt, part pain and part invigoration, that spurs us into action. A shock isn't stillness or silence. It's movement. It's action.

So stay shocked, my friends. Stay scandalized by what is evil and fight against it. As long as what was once shocking doesn't become our standard, we still have hope.