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What is an Uncliqued Creative…and Are You One?

The way I see it, stereotyping is one of the biggest issues we deal with as humans and there is very little I dislike more than a clique. In grade school, we were all socialized to divide people into groups based on their most predominant external trait. Then we grew up…but the stereotyping didn’t end. The stereotypes surrounding photographers are about as irritating as they are reductive, and they can do some pretty nasty damage. This is why I champion the power of the Uncliqued Creative!

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7 Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity When You're Feeling Stuck

Some mornings, I sit down at my computer to work on the latest blog for a client or a new chapter on my novel and I just. Can’t. Do it. But there is hope! Creativity isn’t something we artists have to wait on. We can take control of our creative experience and shock it back into action when it grows sluggish. Here are seven ways to get inspired and conquer your creativity desert!

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Finding Balance | Living Life For More Than The Hustle

Whether you're a CEO, stay at home mom or a freelance writer like me, finding any amount of work/life balance is absurdly illusive, and knowing where to begin is equally as challenging. There's always something that could be done...but what exactly should be done? The million dollar question. By spending a little bit of time each day in each of the categories listed below, I feel less anxious, more creative and on my way toward balance. 

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