As a solopreneur, you are expected to not only be skilled in your craft, but also to be a top-notch writer, web designer, marketer, social media content creator and so much more. In the internet age, when it seems like all craft-based businesses are reaching saturation point, there is only one way to stand tall above the rest: by becoming an Uncliqued Creative. 

You have to be good at just about everything to keep your head above water as a solopreneur, and the written content of blogs and websites are some of the first things forgotten in the heat of the hustle.

Blog Content

While a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, by marrying your images to well-crafted words, you astronomically increase the value of each image for your clients, as well as for future clients browsing your work. What is the significance of the handkerchief carried by the bride? Why did the couple insist on taking engagement pictures by a particular food truck? How did you stumble upon a hidden gem of a location for a family photo session? Your photos are unique to who you are and are filled with a song that is entirely their own. A well-crafted blog post helps viewers put the lyrics to the melody.


Website Content

What's the point in spending precious time you could be editing photos or meeting new clients on reworking your About Me page or your Pricing section? Don't your images speak for themselves?

While stunning photographs draw in potential customers, the warmth, fun and professionalism displayed by the words on your website are the nudges that push them toward clicking the Contact button. By sharing who you are through beautifully crafted words, you give website visitors a glimpse into who you really are and why you do what you do. 

but what if you're not a writer?

I'm so glad you asked! I am a writer with a passion for helping other creatives to find their voice and share it with the world. I can update your About Me page. I can overhaul an entire section of your website. But most especially I can help you to maintain your blog. By sending me a selection of photos from a shoot or event, information about the location, a brief description of your perspective on the day and any client questionnaires you may have gathered throughout the process, I am able to put together a blog post to fit your desired word count within 3 days of receiving your materials. For just 20 cents a word, you can have the blog you've always wanted without the hassle you've always dreaded!


Take a look at some of the work I've done for other photographers.